Our Privacy Policy

Introduction - Our Commitment to Privacy: At RentX, we aim to provide personalised services while safeguarding your privacy. We collect some data to offer a tailored experience, and this policy sheds light on how we achieve this balance.

What's Inside This Policy?: This document elucidates how we handle, protect, and utilise your data on rentx.com.

How We Keep Your Data Safe: At RentX, your security is paramount. We've fortified our systems with state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring your data remains protected. We deploy advanced facilities and tools like firewalls to keep unauthorised eyes off your information.

Handling Your Personal Information: When you share details like your name or address on rentx.com, we treat them with utmost respect. They're used solely to enhance your experience with us. Rest assured, they won't be passed to third parties unless legally mandated.

Our Approach to Analytics: We continuously strive to better our website for you. By analysing elements like popular pages, we can enhance rentx.com further. This data is purely statistical and doesn't disclose personal identities.

Links to External Sites: Our platform might contain links redirecting to other websites. Please note, we don't oversee their operations. It's wise to peruse their privacy policies to stay informed.

Your Consent: By navigating rentx.com, you're granting us permission to process your data as outlined here. If any aspect is unsettling, we recommend refraining from using our platform.

Empowering You - Know Your Rights: We adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 concerning your data. If you wish to delve deeper into your rights, alter the data you've furnished, or have any queries, please connect with us.

All About Cookies: rentx.com employs cookies. These tiny files enhance your browsing experience, enabling us to refine our offerings based on your preferences and behaviours on the site.